Friday, October 7, 2016

week 1 EOC: Great customer service

While i was younger i had a very excited to go to a local restaurant. Lived in California at the time and the restaurant was said to be great and had great food. I had the choice of were we were dinning that evening so i got my chance to go to the local spot. My expectations for the restaurant were destroyed upon arriving. the establishment was a mess, and the wait was not worth it. After having to wait thirty minutes we were seated at a dirty booth. the young woman that took our order for drinks took her time and got the drinks wrong. telling her about her mistake was taken very poorly. the food was sorry, though it was quick out, the quality was sad. the sandwich i ordered was cold and soggy. the steak my father ordered was overcooked and unseasoned. the worst part was that we had bad attitude from everyone there.

Week One EOC; my voice

I am a technician of sound, and engineer of music and a stage hand. i have been in the media industry for a short time now and have made a great standing and relationship with those i work with. i have experience working on music videos as well as recording studios. I do media editing which includes music and video. i have edited videos and audio for fellow associates. I have learned much in my time in school and life.